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You Hashem, are a shield around me…
(Tehillim 3,4)

Hearts on FireMake Hashem the center of your life. Make Hashem’s values, Hashem’s ideals, Hashem’s targets, your values, ideals and targets. In this way, you make Hashem your shield.

 When you cling to Torah living, you secure yourself a shield. As you attach yourself to Hashem, so He provides you with protection. He shelters you from negative influences - thecold winds that rob you of life’s happiness. He surrounds you with His strength - so that ugliness and evil do not depress or destroy you.

…You are my glory, You raise my head

Make Hashem your pride. Feel grateful that you are a Torah Jew. Appreciate the Torah you have learned. Long for the Torah you have not yet learned. Be happy that you can do good deeds, acts of kindness, mitzvos. Enter your prayer with a sense of privilege. Think to yourself that it is your joy to be able to speak with Hashem - to sing His praises, to beg for your needs, and to thank Him for His charity."

And Hashem in turn will raise your head… You will smile at others. You will be happy to be alive. You will enjoy your every moment.

You will find pleasure in the people around you. Your self-esteem will ride high, and life will be a celebration - your every moment will be a wedding.

          Into a King’s Garments

What first caused Shaul to fear David? When David went out to battle with Goliath, Shaul dressed David in his own armor. Even though, Shaul was a head taller than all other men, his armor fitted David to perfection.

When David saw how upset Shaul became over this, he immediately declared, "I cannot use these, for I am unused to them," and he removed them. (VaYikra Raba 26)

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