A Handful of Light
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A Handful of Light"This letter on humility, the Ramban zt"l, sent to his son in Catalonia, commanding him to read it once a week and know it by heart. He also told him to share it with others, that they may learn from their early youth to hold Hashem in awe. Moreover, he told him, on the day he reads this letter, Heaven will answer his every prayer. Certainly then, one who says it constantly, will be saved from all troubles, and earn his world-to-come. (From the book, Me’ulephes Sapirim)


Chazal instruct a person ‘to turn the teachings of the Torah over and over, to review them repeatedly; for everything is hidden within the Torah’s precious words. If he will search, he will find. And what will he find? His every hope and dream. For any thing, that any person may desire, already exists in the Torah.

‘Turn it over, turn it over, read it again and again. When a person repeats Torah ideas many times, they cut deep grooves in his personality. They penetrate the deepest folds of his conscience. This is the Torah’s intent when it commands, ‘...and you shall return it to your heart.’

By reading the words of Torah over and over, slowly, deliberately, a person understands anew her truths. By reviewing them continuously, he impresses her wisdom into his heart. As he enwraps himself in her ideas, so he enters a world of Torah thoughts - so he moves into a sanctuary where holy fires burn, a chamber alight with flames that ignite his imagination, and awaken his soul.


The Ramban requests that the reader read his letter once a week. One of his intentions is surely, that he familiarizes himself with the letter to such a degree, that the letter’s suggestions become a part of his world, that they enter his mental and emotional framework. A second reason must be that through continuous study, a person begins to uncover some of the letter’s secrets - the wisdom the Ramban hides within its lines. Thus the person widens his knowledge and further corrects his attitudes and attributes.

While the path the Ramban directs a person to follow, is a lofty one, truly a road for tzaddikim; still, with constant review, he may approach it. He may come so close to the Ramban’s intentions, that his heart aches to fulfill them. He may cry with such a sincerity, that Hashem, in His mercy, grants him this desire - He infuses him with a motivation and strength to reach this heaven.

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