Examine Your Life
Question 48: How may I be perfect?

   Grant Jackson :
The Million dollar question!! Although we all aim for Perfection in life, in whatever we do, and try and achieve, 'Perfection is just a play of words in this materialistic world, which is very difficult to achieve. I am sure I will only reach a stage of Perfection when I pass on to the World of Souls

   Rabbi Schwartz :
Rabbi E. E. Dessler defines the perfect person as the one who (1) has a clearly defined set of goals directing him to fulfill his life-purpose and (2) a determined, focused desire to reach all these goals in his lifetime. Accordingly, we become perfect when we commit and dedicate ourselves to live by this definition.
At the same time, we are perfectly happy when we live for our life-purpose. For, as we travel along life-paths, as we move towards our fabulous destination, we learn quickly to overcome the obstacles, those troubles and sorrows that life constantly throws at us. Those problems that (1) block us from reaching our goals – these become our special, exciting challenge, and only enhance our happiness; while (2) those worries, which we realize, are not important for our life journey, we cheerfully ignore and shrug away.
Vital to our being perfect is that we strive continuously to gain more clarity. We need always to understand better our destination. Also, we need to keep plotting how we may reach there in a smoother, more effective way. In this way then, each one of us becomes perfectly perfect!

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