Examine Your Life
Question 47: How may I change or transform others? 

   Rabbi Schwartz :

First, we must remember that people, all people, are very sensitive towards any criticism. This makes it almost impossible to change others directly. Even so…

We may change others by changing ourselves. Our most powerful educational device is personal example. If we display integrity, dedication and enthusiasm for all that we do, we shine a light and inspire all who live with us in our world.

Even parents and teachers, who have great levels of influence and authority over children and students, will fail if, together with their lessons, they do not display a worthy example.

Spiritually also, we lift our world and those who fill it, by elevating ourselves. The work and personal growth we strive for, even in the privacy of our inner rooms, even in the privacy of our minds and hearts, has a universal effect. We elevate our world as we elevate ourselves. Conversely, we destroy our world when we allow ourselves to slacken. Thus, we can and must change and transform others, but this will only happen, when we work to change and transform ourselves.

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