Examine Your Life
Question 46: Should I feel pride in my work?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
We enter this world only to work, as the verse says, “Man was born to toil” [1] This refers not only to our duties, to our jobs. Rather, our entire lives are about working - not just to earn a living, but for our personal growth and development.

- Overcoming our small-mindedness and self-absorption is all work.

- Training ourselves to love and respect others - not just people, but Hashem and His world - is all work.

- Disciplining ourselves to express gratitude and celebrate the magnificence of life is, likewise, all work.

- Even time off, our holidays, are all work. For, ideally, our rest-time serves to refresh and ready us for the next step we take. Thus, even that dream holiday we realize, is not free of aggravations and disappointments. It too contains elements we need for our life journey.

As such, we need to throw our whole selves, our full identity, into our work. This is why we are here, and we need to give it our thoughts and dreams.

Accordingly, this too must be where our pride goes. Giving our work our all, together with our natural, healthy self-love, must add up to our pride, our love, joy and satisfaction in all that we do.
[1] Job 5:7

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