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Question 44: Why should I trust in Hashem? How may I boost this trust?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
Torah living requires us to act and think with faith. A person focused only on this material world does not give up years of time or heaps of hard-earned cash to fulfill the commands and wishes of an invisible G-d. Keeping kashrus, Shabbos and Yom-tov, laws of family purity, and paying close attention to heaps of mitzvos, customs and modes of conduct, means that we are toiling for just such an invisible Master. We also look to Him for protection and reward. For all this, we need faith.

The verse says, “A righteous person lives with his faith”* In other words, to maintain spiritual living, we must see as clearly as possible that Hashem runs everything. This vision is our faith.

The more we see Hashem in our lives, the easier it is for us to act with nobility and magnificence. We’re not scared to sacrifice money, time or effort. We know that whatever we invest in serving the heavens will return to us, multiplied many times over. How then can we boost our vision of Hashem? Here are some approaches:

(1) We can talk with Him – pour out our deepest hopes, our highest dreams in conversation and prayer – the more we speak to Hashem, the more natural and obvious our relationship with Him becomes;

(2) We can see Him hiding behind every wall, every tree, actively participating and making our every life happening; and

(3) We can play movies in our mind of the wonderful levels we will achieve and the amazing new places that will be ours, all through, our loyalty, trust and service of Hashem.

* Chabakuk 2:4

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