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Question 43: How can I be more beautiful?
   Ivan Sacks :
By being more sensitive to others. By smiling happily when seeing others. By offering help and or doing for others. By giving of oneself to others. A happy person is a giver and beauty radiates out of this type of person

   Rabbi Schwartz :
We normally think of beautiful people as those who are physically perfect. In truth though, our inner beauty is what makes for the greater beauty and charm (think of a bride glowing on her wedding day). So the real question is, what makes us beautiful on the inside?
Also, what makes this question so interesting is that while we have very limited control over our outer beauty, we have absolute control over our inner beauty.

We must say then that our beauty depends on us acquiring a combination of good character, a pleasing personality and positive traits. Together with this, we need to live along a purposeful, directed path of growth and achievement. The pursuit of our goals makes for an excitement and happiness that shines out through our faces and is expressed through our gestures, radiating a full beauty.

Practically then:

To build our character and personality we need Torah living. Special emphasis needs to go to learning and acts of kindness and compassion.

To be excited, we need a clear, brilliant vision of our future, a goal we very much want.

To be happy, we must choose to be happy. We must see that every detail of our life is perfect right now, helping us to climb towards our hidden, undiscovered magnificence.

Once we adopt such an approach, we will find it easy to love our lives, focus on our destiny, and make our every moment important - with joy and a smile for everyone we meet. This is the key to our beauty.

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