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Question 42: Should I be a magician, and if yes, how do I become one? 
   Ivan Sacks :
Yes I should be a magician in using all my skills, talents, strengths, imagination, prayer ..... to help others and myself to get what they and I deem to be valuable and important and that by them or me getting it will bring us closer to G-d.
Making magic happen for us must come from the place that Hashem has given us enormous powers to make things happen what may at first seem impossible because our thinking is never as powerful as the resources Hashemi has given us.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
A magician produces something from nothing –rabbits out of hats, flowers from thin air. As such he is similar to
Hashem who creates the world from nothing.

Seemingly then, we cannot be magicians. We know only to produce something from something else, a chair from a piece of wood, a house from a stack of bricks.

Or, maybe not  - with thought, we can create a plan, a picture in our minds, a vision. Our physicality, our body needs to live in the material world, but our mind, our soul, our spiritual dimension may live in the world of spirit. This part of ourselves resembles Hashem Himself. Just as Hashem creates something from nothing, we too, with our intellect and imagination may create something from nothing, an idea, a project - a poem, a song.

If this something from nothing is within our grasp, then the next step is also possible. Namely, that just as Hashem’s thoughts and words become and run this earth, so too our visions may promote our thoughts and transform them into a new reality.

Accordingly, we have the power, a power Hashem Himself gives us, to be magicians. Let’s make magic!

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