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Question 41: Where do I see the oneness of Hashem?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
If twice each day we have a mitzva to affirm that Hashem is One, how much the more so, should we strive to see it all around us.

The huge diversity of the world is our clue here. With literally millions of different items and objects in the world, millions of species of plants, insects and other forms of life, some too small for us to see - all uniquely different from each other. Moreover with our every moment of life being so different from our other moments, with no repeats at all, we need to feel amazement before this great riddle.

And we come to understand that this great diversity must be, all of it, a huge blanket that covers and hides the all encompassing and absolute oneness of Hashem. “It is the glory of Hashem to hide the matter, and the honor of kings (that’s us) to uncover it.”*

Scientific discovery tells us that all matter is really energy, and the Torah tells us that all energy comes from heavenly wisdom, Hashem’s thoughts and words.** We too create material wealth and events, with our plans and words. In doing this we align ourselves with the power Hashem gives us, our tzelem Elokim, the heavenly potential that equates us to Him.

While we do this then, let us at the same time focus on the thought that this whole magnificent reality which we see as a part of ourselves, is all Hashem, and is all ONE!

 * Mishle 25.2
** “With wisdom Hashem launched the world…” Mishle 3.19

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