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Question 40: If I live in a perfect world, how may I hope to improve it?

   Rabbi Schwartz :

First, we need to ask, do we live in a perfect world? So many worries and problems fill up our time and continue to frustrate us. So how perfect can it be? Still, we must say that it is a perfect world. After all, it was created by the Creator of all, and since He is perfect in every way,* so too must His works be perfect.

Second, are we to believe that we can change and improve this world? Here the answer is most definitely, yes! Our rabbis teach that through improving ourselves, we remedy the entire universe, both physically and spiritually, bringing it much light and joy.**

How then do we perfect a perfect world? One way is to think of this glorious life as a giant jigsaw puzzle, perfectly complete, but with a demand that we puzzle out and assemble it ourselves. We may think of our lives as a 2.5 billion piece puzzle – this number matching the number of seconds received by the person who reaches close to eighty years.

Then, each second is a new challenge that we must figure out and use as best we understand. Thus our every moment is a part of the full picture. And what of the pieces that make no sense to us at all? - These we can put aside until later.

From this point of view, our lives are the perfect package, that is with the condition that we strive to make it perfect for ourselves, for our happiness and success.

* Rambam - Thirteen Principle of Faith

** Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato, The Way of G-d; Rav Chaim of Volozhin, Nefesh HaChaim; and other works

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