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Question 39: If I shouldn't do mitzvos for reward, why then should I do them? 

* The Mishna teaches, "Do not be like servants who serve the Master for reward, but rather servants who serve the Master not for the reward." (Pirkei Avos 1.3)

   Grant Jackson :
To serve Hashem is a pleasure, to do mitzvos in this world , it must be done with a pure hand and Divine love, nothing more, nothing less, with never a thought of a reward in this world or the next, you are doing it, because you have found out the truth, the reason why you were born, 1st to Find Hashem and 2nd to Serve Hashem with all your heart and might , if ones understands this and feels it in your heart, you will be doing many mitzvos. Amen

   Rabbi Schwartz :
We know Hashem rewards us for every mitzva and good deed we perform. What then is wrong with aiming for this reward? Here are two answers we can say:

(1) When a close friend or relative asks us for a favor - time, effort or even money - we are happy to give it to him as our gift. This is our opportunity to show him how much we appreciate and value him, and we would insist on helping him, with joy, and no thought of repayment.

All the more so then when it comes to doing for Hashem, how greatly we should cherish this privilege.

All the more so that Hashem is endlessly kind to us, more than any mother and father, supporting and sustaining us throughout our lives.

All the more so that His every mitzva leads us to personal growth, benefit and enrichment.

All the more so that our loyalty to Him connects us eternally to the Force of all forces, the Power of all powers, the Creator and Master of the world.

And all the more so that the highest achievement we can reach, is to love Hashem with all our hearts, lives and resources.

(2) When a billionaire father tells his young son to ask for his heart's desire, the child may well settle for a cheap toy rather than the billions his father is happy to give him.

Similarly, when we focus on the rewards of serving Hashem, we short-change ourselves. Like the little boy, we have no perception of what our Father can give us. Any reward we could aim for is poor compared to the future Hashem has in mind for us. This therefore, can only take away from the quality and heroism of our performance.

May we merit to serve Hashem purely for His pleasure and satisfaction, for now and forever.

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