Examine Your Life
Question 38: When am I thinking 'big' and when am I thinking 'small'?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
First, we need to define "thinking big" and "thinking small". Most simply, thinking big leads to thoughts that are productive, beneficial and result in personal growth. Thinking small on the other hand, means indulging in thoughts that are destructive, harmful and belittle us.

As such, learning Torah, together with an underlying intention to fulfill all that we learn, is thinking big. This will lead us to great accomplishment.

Similarly, formulating for ourselves great goals, and working to make them our reality is thinking big.

Another application: Looking to rise above challenging situations, e.g. hurtful comments or nasty setbacks -which includes preparing ourselves to overcome such hardships - is thinking big.

Also, viewing others in favorable, friendly ways and striving to help them where we can, is thinking big.

And, most important of all, thinking about Hashem, who is the ultimate source of all greatness, is definitely thinking big.

And the rest? - That, we understand, would be thinking small.

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