Examine Your Life
Question 34: How do I live my life to the full?

   MP :
I try to take advantage of every moment. If I'm not actively doing something, I consider how best to use the time; and if I am, I try to take a few seconds to consider if I'm using the time in the best way.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
We live our lives to the full by taking whatever life has to offer us -- and without exception! That is, we give importance to every moment, regardless of how mundane and boring it may seem. A dreary wait in a post office line is yet another opportunity to take a step up our ladder of self-growth and self-perfection, another step to our heavens. We must cherish this time no less than we would cherish the most exquisite instant of all, e.g. standing as a bride or groom under the chuppa.

Similarly, we must embrace our every life experience. The most unpleasant, uncomfortable encounter with the most repulsive, disgusting person in the world, is likewise a most important piece of the puzzle we call our life. No matter how harsh the experience, it is our next step on our ladder, helping us learn something we need to learn, and thus bringing us to the next phase of our journey.

The message here is we may not disrespect, resist or ignore any moment or encounter life thrusts upon us. We need to value it and value it. Then, we will live our lives to the full.

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