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Question  32: How patient must I be?

   Grant :
Patience is a 'Virtue' but when you need or require something, then your patience runs out, but the law of attraction states the more you want something, then, the opposite will happen, and you will not get what you want, so you have to have total trust in Hashem, and remember that, 'The Past' 'The Present' The Future' is all one time, and therefore one must be Patient at all times

   Rabbi Schwartz :
The main purpose of our desires is not that we may reach them -- that we may have them all. Rather, it is that they may help us mold our character, becoming the person who strives for such goals, and is the person who deserves to have his desires met. This thought then explains why we must wait before receiving all that we want. It tells us that we are not yet ready to receive all our desires. Now, mostly, this does not apply to needs like food, clothes, housing, etc., things we need right now; these are wants that we have been ready for from our youngest years. Rather, it is the desires that help us reach our lifetime goals and targets.

Thus our patience becomes for us most useful and admirable. For, with patience we learn how much further we still need to go -- how much further we still need to grow.

Being patient does not mean that we should dampen our desires in any way. On the contrary, our patience tells us that the stronger our desire, the more we will push to become the person we need to be and thereby receive all that we want to have. It tells us that our desire is our most powerful motivator for personal growth. Furthermore, it helps us realize that all we want, we receive only from Hashem, and as such, we must strive throughout our lives to please Him.

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