Examine Your Life
Question 31: What's wrong with feeling superior to others?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
The siddur prescribes that daily we praise Hashem for not making us non-Jews. In this blessing we thank Hashem that we may live a Torah lifestyle, especially when there are so many who don’t know it, so many that never realize that they are missing huge chunks of eternity, and insist on living only for the material world.

Living with Torah is a privilege, but we can never take credit for being born into or stumbling over it. Rather, for reasons known only to Hashem, we have merited this gift. As such, we must recognize that in no way may we feel superior to anyone else in the world.

We may be choosing to live the right way and also to the best of our ability, but we can never know how much this is to our credit, or whether the upper worlds prod and prompt us to live so. It could well be that one who does less than us, is in fact, doing much, much more.

The best we can do is to emulate the humility of Moshe, our great guide and teacher, and continue to strive and exert ourselves as best we understand how.

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