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Question 29: How do I fill my day with love?
   Grant :
I fill my day with love, by praying to Hashem, by doing mitzvot and doing acts of kindness, giving to others and sharing. The more love you give, the more love you receive from Hashem and others.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
A popular saying tells us to live today as though it was our last. This is not just a nice idea. Rather, this is our truth. The past is gone; the future is yet to come. We really have nothing besides the present. What then should be our focus and striving if not the NOW?

To make the most of our reality is to give our all to the moment, to live our day as best we can. This investment leads us to love - it leads us to love the people, objects and situations that enter and set up our moment. For, the more we invest in something, the more special it becomes. The more we focus and toil over our everyday, the more we love it.

However, to love our everyday carries a condition. This is that we must be willing to appreciate and love the moment exactly as it is. We must be willing to embrace the moment just as we receive it - with gratitude, enthusiasm, and never, never any complaint.

A further idea is that we need to join to this approach with the thought that our everyday is our gift from Hashem. Our everyday is an expression of His love for us. In other words, our everyday and Hashem are one and the same! This then will lead us to fulfill the mitzva, "…and you will love Hashem…with all your heart, with all your life and with all your power."*

* Devarim 6.5

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