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Question 28: What does it mean to have a pure heart, and why do I want it?

   Grant :
To have a pure heart is an asset, like a rare jewel, but to obtain it sometimes it comes with a lot of suffering. The suffering of this world starts to refine and polish your soul, and the reflection of this is a 'Pure Heart' kindness and love will then pour out of your 'Pure Heart' to help everyone you meet. Why do I want this Pure Heart? Because without the Pure Heart and the Polished Soul, it will be difficult for Hashem to open the door to the higher 'Spiritual Realm'.

   Roy :
A pure heart means to be a in line with Truth and want to connect to ourselves, others and Hashem, with EMET- Truth.
We need to have a pure heart to fulfil our purpose in life.

   Rabbi Schwartz:
Our hearts are the home of our desires. Whatever we want, truly want - 'with all our hearts' - rests in our hearts.

Our hearts contain a whole range of desires, small desires like a glass of water, and large desires like owning the world. One way to prioritize these desires is by what we value more and what we value less. The desires we remember are the ones we really want - the desires we forget, not so much.

However, a better way to label our desires is by what ideally we should desire and what we should reject, i.e. positive desires vs. negative ones. If we could live our lives in the best way, reaching for our highest potential, if we could have pure hearts, this would be simple. Then, naturally, we would fulfill our ultimate desires. This is why the Siddur directs us to pray, "…and purify our hearts to serve you in truth".

We must remember that our desire is our fire - our power and our highest source of motivation. What we do with passion, determination and enthusiasm is what ultimately succeeds. Therefore, only with the purest of hearts, may we reach for these highest of places.

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