Examine Your Life
Question  23:  How flexible am I?

   Grant :
I am flexible in life in dealing with people at all levels, which means I am very tolerant, but I am not double jointed, and therefore if I am pushed to my highest level of flexibility, I will unfortunately break, probably due to my weak human qualities. Sometimes people push too far, then I am not flexible any more.

  Rabbi Schwartz :
In some areas of our lives we must be flexible, in others we dare not*.

In some areas of our lives we must be flexible: We are in this world to work on ourselves, to improve and grow. As such, all we do now is at a poor level relative to how we may yet do things, how we may yet live our lives. Compared to our potential, we are toddlers crawling on the floor. Thus we must be flexible, we must be ready to change, we must be ready to adjust our attitudes and approaches, the joy and enthusiasm we pour into our lives, and our determination to climb its ladders.

In other areas, we dare not be flexible: This is with regards to learning Torah, fulfilling its mitzvos and following the guidance of our teachers and leaders. The Torah is perfection and needs no improvement. Therefore, instead of trying to bend Torah rules towards our concerns and desires, we must rather adapt ourselves to follow its lead. For, the more we align our wishes with its wishes, the more we make of our time in this world.

* Unless in exceptional circumstances, and with authoritative guidance

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