Examine Your Life
Question 21 : Can I envision my ideal self?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
First we need to understand who our ideal self is, how does he spend his time, what does he look like, how does he speak, do others like him, etc. Obviously, this has to be a realistic definition, one that fits into our present life, but at the same time, it must be our ideal.

With this definition, we may picture our ideal self; see him with as much clarity as we can. More important though, we can strive to be this person, pray to reach this happy goal.

A great motivational device here is to designate a keyword that sums up this vision for us. We can load this word with all the qualities, character traits, attitudes and manners we want to possess, and then say this quietly to ourselves and think it as the target, goal and dream we are aiming to reach.

One problem with this keyword though, is that while it is extremely powerful, after awhile we forget to use it. Therefore, we need always new inspiration from new sources and new thoughts, to remind us to stay focused on our goal.

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