Examine Your Life
Question 18:  What is my life mission?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
Life is our great gift. To fully enjoy this gift, and thereby honor and serve the Giver of this gift, we must embrace the duties that come along with our lives. Our basic duties are three:

1. Our duty to ourselves: we need to grow ourselves to the best of our ability, moving ever closer to full potential. For this, we need to use every means available to us. This includes (a) Torah study, showing us how best to live life, (b) Prayer, directing our desires to our highest goals, pushing and energizing us, and (c) performing mitzvos and good deeds, training us to honorable and powerful action.

2. Our duty to family and friends: We need to help those who fall under our influence, directing and guiding them to live their best. Some people, like our children, we influence in a large way; others, contacts, acquaintances, etc., in a more subtle way. Still, as much as we can, we must accept responsibility for them.

3. Our duty to the world: The greatest benefit the world may receive is the Redemption - the revelation of Hashem as King of all, and the universal acceptance of Torah justice and values. We bring this end closer by hoping, longing and praying for it.

Ideally, we need to aim all our thoughts, words and actions towards this goal. For, if in our lives we press enough buttons, we will uncover the magical combination that unlocks and swings wide open the doors of salvation.

Thus we may live our life mission in a full way.

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