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Question  17: How do I stay happy?

  MP :
Happiness is a state of mind. So long as I am in control of my emotions, I can control whether I'm happy.

   judyb455 :
By choosing to be happy. Weighing the options of what to do or not to do and how to do it with clarity of thought. Better choices are made with a clear mind with the results having consequences of happiness. To live a directed purposeful life, is the choice of one being happy and maintaining the clarity of mind that enables us to make good choices that increase the satisfaction in life.

   Roy :
I stay happy by staying in the present as much as possible and by being happy with my lot in the present moment.

My constant is knowing that Hashem is with me always and that the future will always be good even if I have challenges.

   Grant :
Staying happy, is being grateful for all the wonderful things in life Hashem has brought to you, being focused on the 'now' not worrying about what the future brings, if you believe that you have everything in life, then you will be happy, and 'stay happy'

   Jason :
For myself, releasing the quest for happiness, has increased it. I just gave up on looking, and settled into the present moment, as much as I can. its def. very quiet, mundane, and yet peaceful. with no expectations, there is no disappointment. giving service to Hashem through life in the mundane, everyday world has become my foundation, and all pursuits have been released.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
Seemingly, there are two keys to staying happy, (1) attitude, and (2) keeping active.

(1) Rabbi Simcha Zissel of Kelm* writes that people on their way to a wedding, even if the trip is not too comfortable, are excited and happy. This should be all of us. We are here on an adventure, heading towards a great, happy destination, our future in this world, and more so, in the world to come. Moreover, we enjoy Hashem's love and protection at all times. While our life challenges may be tough, still they are all for the good, helping us to grow and reach towards our true potential. Thus life is always, all fine.

(2) Keeping active, "in the flow", is part of having the right attitude. If our time here is so valuable, if we have so much to accomplish, then we must stay busy. We must engage our bodies, thoughts and feelings in continuous doing.

Note, that purposeful relaxing is also called doing. Relaxing recharges us for our next project, and is certainly a part of our life. The same is true for thinking - our best accomplishments come only when we first think them through. Finally, most important of all, is praying - whenever, any type of uncertainty or problem faces us, we must turn to Hashem for direction and help; this may just be the most productive activity of them all, and certainly helps us to stay happy.

* Chochma v'Mussar

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