Examine Your Life
Question 16:  How am I using my now?

   Rabbi Schwartz :
The secret of life is in living our now - not our past, not our future, but our now. If we have to think about our past, assessing our performance, confessing our mistakes, we do in the present - right here, right now. If we have to plan for the future, or even the next five minutes, we do so intentionally, and in our present, with our best focus, and to the best of our abilities. But we continue to live only and always in our now.

Our now, has a special energy. It is our life, our being; it connects us to the tangible world around us, as well as the spiritual worlds hovering over us.

We may experience Hashem in our now. We may talk with Him in our now. We may love our fellow beings and our entire world in our now, but we must remember to do this now, to stay in the now and embrace it now. This is our best. This is how we live, how we love. Let us hang tightly to our now. Let us stay mindful of it - always!

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