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Question Eight :  How difficult do my difficulties need to be?
 (see Rabbi Schwartz's answer at bottom of this page)

   jason.caplan :
I think difficulties need to have a solution, whether its short term or long term.   the difficulties that cause us the most pain, are those that do not have a solution.   I can work on making a living, or davenning better.   but, at this time, for example, we can't help certain health issues, (G-d Willing, scientists will discover the cures soon) so it is very hard to live with problems, that don't seem to have an answer.

We are all searching for answers, for a system that makes sense of the world.  Difficulties threaten that order.    So, any problem that forces us to find our inner strength is good.   Any difficulty that is just painful, is bad, and we need to work from every angle to resolve it.   Modern Civilization has made huge breakthroughs in technology and medicine.  but, I feel we are still behind in inner struggle and clear spiritual teachings to resolve them.

   ivanssacks :
Difficulties are real for each person and one person's difficulties may not impact another. In fact another person may see another's difficulties as an honor or privilege.

Each encounter that we have in our lives allows us the opportunity to respond. We can literally choose our response. That choice of response will tailor the difficulty we will need to deal with. In sum Hashem gives us our challenges and we are his partner how we respond to this test. Our response to our difficulties will determine our challenge will be!

   Roy :  
We all encounter difficulties in life, my late dad always said “the only place people do not have difficulties was the cemetery and he did not want to be there.” The real test is to determine what is G-d given and what difficulties we put on ourselves, when we look back at some of the difficulties we realise how we grew through these challenges. Hashem loves us and therefore HIS tests are meant to build us. Whatever level of  difficulties we face in life we should realise that we are never alone and even if we cannot change things –we can always try our best and be our best in all situations.

   judyb455 :
Life's difficulties appear in our lives whether we want them or not. We have a choice of how we will cope with a difficult situation. Bless the bad sincerely and willfully, in the same manner of blessing the good. In serving Hashem, blessing the bad is for their benefit and joy to accept with love anything Hashem decrees.
He is the source of all blessings. Talk to Hashem for help daily, try your best, accept your situation with love and faith then you will realize your aspirations become complete in his time.

   ivanssacks :
My difficulties need to be as they are not more not less. Hashem calibrates my difficulties for whom I am. My difficulties are custom made for me so that I can reach my potential.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
We face two types of difficulties.

One - the difficulties we bring on ourselves. When we take on what is challenging, breaking through to higher levels of thinking, feeling and acting, this is hard. Moreover, the more we push ourselves, the more opposition we face. What is good though, is that when we make our own difficulties, we are ready for them. Like jumping into cold water in winter, we brace ourselves first, making them easier to manage.

Two - the problems and hardships that life sends us. Just as we look to avoid difficulties, they fall on us. When we search for the comfortable way, taking all the shortcuts and pampering ourselves, we must suffer all types of headaches and problems. The Torah teaches that "A person was created to toil"*, and every attempt to bypass hardships must fail. The spoilt, rich kids endure anguish and upset no less than anyone else. Moreover, their difficulties are often worse - an unexpected surprise.

In short then, the difficulty of our difficulties depends on us. The more we accept life's challenges, the easier we manage them. The more we run away from them, the rougher they are, to the end.

* Job 5.7

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