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Question Seven : What makes me  happy?

   Grant :
One of the greatest joy and happiness in my life is when I give to other people, whether Tzadakah, guidance, or a praise, its amazing to help other people and not ask anthing back in return, that really makes me happy,  Praying to Hashem with a spritual connection, and enjoying time with my family, brings great joy and happiness.
Grant Jackson

   judyb455 :
Sharing makes me happy it is the essence of my true nature. Sharing is nothing more than the creation imitating its Creator. We are made in the image and likeness of our Creator. When creatures are similar to each other in nature they are close to each other united spiritually. When they are different in nature they are spiritually separated and have many implications. Sharing connects me to my root bringing me closer to my Creator. The more I share the more my essence and the Creator's become one. All that I have, all that I am,  I give with thanksgiving.

   Rabbi Schwartz :

What makes me happy? - French fries and chocolate ice-cream.

Seriously though, happiness comes from receiving what we want. But what is it that we want?

Eating when we are hungry, sleeping when we are tired, and bathing when we are sticky are simple activities that we fulfill easily, and are a source of happiness.

Our grander dreams - luxury houses, cars, holidays, wealth, prestige and power are delights most people believe will make them happy. However, extensive research shows that this is not so. Moreover, reaching these goals is extremely difficult and even impossible, as our sages teach, "No person leaves this world with even half of all he wants"*.

Then there are things we want without realizing we want them. These are our hidden desires. Our souls are in this world for a purpose, and by ignoring her needs, we starve her and hurt ourselves. This has to do with recognizing our potential and fulfilling it - or at least striving to fulfill it. Torah study and mitzvos, serious thought and consulting with the wise, can help us satisfy this hunger, and bring us relief and happiness.

A final idea: Our sages teach that "Hashem wants our hearts"**. Here too is a key to happiness. If we will give our hearts to Hashem, shower Him with appreciation, respect and admiration, as well as showing appreciation, respect and admiration on our fellowman, then, measure for measure, we too will receive the appreciation, respect and admiration we truly want and desire.

* Koheles Raba 1   ** Sanhedrin 106b

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