Examine Your Life
Question Six : Am I living in a real world?
(see Rabbi Schwartz's answer at bottom of this page)

   judyb455 :
I am living in a real world. I am thankful with a reason to be joyful. When I live my life fully in this way Hashem clearly points me to other areas of his will. The difficult decisions become clear and problems have answers as I understand the will of Hashem lives in me and guides me. I listen, obey and enjoy trusting Hashem as the real source in this world.

   grant :

 I am living in a Real World, but also living in the World of Hashem, which in my mind is the 'Real World'  This world is just temporary place to polish our souls to perfection ready for the next world ' The Real World'  This cant be the real world we are living in now, because there is so much , pain and suffering, so many hardships for the majority of the 7 Billion who are living in this world, a very unequal world.
 Grant Jackson

   A. Silver :
The only absolute, self-sufficient existence is Hashem. This world and all the worlds only have existence and realness because Hashem wills it to be so. The world I live in is not a good dream nor a bad dream. It is real good or real bad depending on my choices. There are many things that are misperceived by us – they are not as they appear; we don’t see the whole picture and the final status. But if we learn Torah and ask Hashem to open our eyes - and keep learning and keep asking - Hashem will enable us to perceive many Divine truths to lesser and greater degrees. Hashem, the True One, is HaMakom (the place) of the world, but the world is not His place.” “He [Rabbi Yaakov] used to say: One hour of repentance and good deeds in this world is better than the entire life of the World to Come. And one hour of bliss in the World to Come is better than the entire life of this world."  

   ivanssacks :
What is the definition of a real world? If a real world is taking responsibility for what I am expected to do according to the Torah then I believe I am partially or growing towards the real world.

I am living in a real world. Hashem created this world with a duality- good and bad, night and day. As we learnt in parshat Re'eh, we need to  choose between blessing and curse.

Based on our choices we create ourselves and thereafter our own destiny.

We create who we really are in this world and in the next.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
Here too, the question is part of the answer. We need constantly to ask ourselves, "Am I living in a real world?"

Living in our world depends very much on how we see it. Mostly we do this through our five senses, sight, hearing, smell, etc. However, this may lead us to making large mistakes. For instance, a person may come towards us with a big smile, a warm handshake and an incredible business opportunity; in truth though, he may be looking to cheat and hurt us. We must think carefully to escape the trap of delicious illusion. We must train ourselves to see our world also through the eyes of our intellect.

For instance, we understand that the Creator keeps the whole world running for us, even though none of us sees Him. Should this idea then not affect how we live our lives?

For instance, we know that there are subtle rules for successful living, but often they are counter-intuitive. To benefit from such knowledge we must hang onto these ideas, keeping them uppermost in our minds. We must see them. Otherwise, we may lose our best opportunities.

This then is the tug of war we live with. Will we learn? Will we follow the knowledge that leads us to our true reality? Or will we follow our eyes, the hopes and dreams of the material world? For this reason, we need constantly to ask ourselves, am I living in a real world.


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