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Question Four : How do my thoughts and yearnings help me reach my goals?
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   A. Silver :
Our thoughts and yearnings are the key and the foundation of truly succeeding at anything good. The more we think good thoughts and yearn for those thoughts, the more we are transformed into new and higher beings. The lower our thoughts, the less we are capable of doing and the lower the quality of those few things we are capable of doing. The higher our thoughts, the more we are capable of doing and the higher the quality of those many things we capable of doing. The strength and frequency of our yearning is to: a). think good thoughts and b). fulfill these good thoughts determine the very essence and quality of life. “Place within us a yetzer tov, to serve You in truth and with awe and with love.” “A pure heart create for me O G-d. And a proper spirit renew within me.”

   judyb455 :
The truth that Hashem doesn't demand anything that a person is not capable of is the key to yearning inner peace.  The fact that Hashem is righteous and his decisions are just. These thoughts help me to reach my goals by constant reviewing the principles of emuna.
Anytime something happens that upsets us, we should let emuna precede our intellect.

First, we remember that anyone or anything that influences our lives for the better or worse is Hashem's messenger of Divine will. When we stand on the basics of emuna ready to activate thoughts according to Torah and attempt to understand Hashem's message that's hidden within an occurrence or mitzvah we can have the comfort of knowing everything Hashem does is for the best. Daily teshuva and gratitude, are some stepping stones to getting closer to Hashem and the quality of our happiness. Thoughts of emuna arouse the spark within us which kindles a bright flame that not only warms our soul but liberates the darkness within and invokes Divine compassion.

   jason.caplan :
I am always revising my opinion.  At this time in my life, I believe the following: Once persistence is the core thought in a person's mind, I believe the goal is within reach.   Once failure becomes a welcomed teacher, that failed way is eliminated, and the variables to success become fewer and more direct.  A combination of those 2 qualities in thought is a powerful compass to achieving a dream.

I believe we are all engaged in a inner Sumo battle. Sometimes our Yetzer Tov gets pushed out of the circle, sometimes the Yetzer Hara, but they are always pushing against each other.   The key is to 'psyche-out' the Yetzer Hara with a continuous stream of positive ideas, affirmations, and creative problem solving. 

From what I have read, I agree that everything begins with thought.  There is a great video interview on YouTube with Bob Dylan.  He talks about the grand self image he held for himself, without telling anyone.    And, to me, he really 'held' it.  He never let doubt or fear creep in, and ultimately become Bob Dylan.  Powerful lesson.

   yonib :
I thought they both go into 2 different categories:

: How we think affects our actions; through thoughts, you can control how focused you want to be on your goals, they also help you prioritize, and enable you to always re-analyze your actions and aid you toward your goal(s) or perhaps even change your goal(s).

yearnings: We all have something powerful within us, something that will always be pushing us to be great. its called the neshama. it does this because the neshama is great and godly. the trouble is channeling our yearnings correctly. if we constantly use our thoughts to question ourselves and see if whether were heading in the right direction or not (sometimes its too difficult to do alone), we can use our yearnings as our engine to do good.

   salkowfamily :
I think that thoughts are the first step to conscious awareness By become conscious of what I  am thinking I can start monitor my thoughts It is then possible to filter and clarify the insight/s received through my thoughts- the chochma bina process.

The next stage is to reach is daas  where an intergration takes place This is an internalisation process  Choice becomes operative and if at the deepest level of keter and ratzon  a goal  is fixed and my  desire  then becomes to achieve the outcome of the selected goal, the process of yearning is commenced At the point where Hashems will intersects with my  will  Hashem can bless my efforts and help me acccomplish my  goals

Thank you, Robyn

   ivanssacks :
Once my goals are decided upon preferably in writing I find that my thoughts automatically drive to meet the goal or goals that I set. The clearer my goals the more my thoughts can feel, see, touch, and smell the goal. The greater my desire to meet the goal or goals the more I desire or yearn to reach he goal(s). My thoughts combined with my yearning for the goal are the wind behind the sail in getting me to the goal(s).

   Rabbi Schwartz :
Rashi on the Torah (Breishis 1.10) teaches that the Heavens (Shamayim) are composed of fire (Aish) and water (Mayim).  The heavens, at a symbolic level, represents our goals and potential. As such we should ask, what then is "water", what then is "fire"? One idea is that water in being cool and fluid represents our best thoughts, the ones that move through our heads in a cool detached way, without getting emotional and heated, flowing in one direction and then another. Accordingly, fire, being hot and dry, represents our yearnings and desires powering on like a missile. Once our thoughts can identify what we should be aiming for, we may "fire" them at our chosen target. As such, water and fire together represent the integration of the mind and the heart.

With our minds we need to research and study the data, think through and weigh up the options, consult with the wise, and finally, reach a decision. With our hearts, we need to set on fire, inspire, hurling our focus and energy to reach our goals as powerfully as we can. Thus our thoughts and yearnings carry us to our every dream.

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