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Question Three : What is my potential? How may I reach it?

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   A. Silver :
We first have to know that we ALL can reach our potential. Even though we all must do all of the mitzvos that we are obligated to do – and the way to do this is by learning how to do the laws (for example, the book Kitzur Shulchan Aruch) – still, each one of us needs to develop their speciality (s) as well as fix what needs to be fixed the most. Pick 1 mitzvah that you have a natural inclination towards and become an expert at it – go all out and make this your special mitzvah, learn everything about the mitzvah, beautify it as much as you can and even go beyond the letter of the law in doing it. This is probably what Hashem created you to excel at. And what is most difficult for you – whether it’s a negative trait or habit – concentrate on this one thing and go all out to conquer it. It may take months or years to conquer it, but when you do finally conquer it, move on to the next trait or habit that is hardest for you. Slow and steady wins the race. The race is a one-person race against yourself to reach your potential. And we ALL can do it.

   mringelheim :
My potential is indeterminable.  I can only reach it through the rejection of complacency as a Jew, friend, husband, son and neighbor.  The balance is to seek more and push more without resorting to perfectionism.  The best saftey net is probably the appreciation that G-d understands mistakes and accepts and loves us despite such mistakes.

   liatsacks :
I imagine my potential as static or stored energy in the physics term. I imagine my potential to be all of the things that I have going for me and it is my job to find my potential and use it.

   grant :   
My Potential, is unlimited, a capacity that is dertermined by many factors, the first being the  amount of effort that I personally strive to reach that Potential, Hashem gave me the intelligence of an acquring mind, and to use it to its fullest capacity.
How can I reach that great uptapped potential ? Iam still working on it, may Hashem help me to strive harder to reacher that goal.
Grant Jackson

   Roy :
My potential is partly known and mostly unknown, we are multilayered and complex beings, as I go through life and have different challenges I try and meet those challenges with the right attitude and Emunah and try my best, I am constantly trying to improve my performance and Tap into my potential on all levels, by having regular goals and tapping into our G-D given abilities in line with Hashem’s guidance through our Torah and Mitzvot I believe I will use and reach some of that POTENTIAL.

   judyb455 :
My potential is my action to trust, build emuna in the destiny Hashem has for me. Seeking the revelation of the word, putting him first, serving him first, and pleasing him first brings me closer to know his will.  The confidence in his unlimited resources for my potential turns to favor in my life to accomplish  his will. I seek genuine tzaddik, a true spiritual man according to Numbers 27:18 for the benefit of my potential. I believe Hashem does everything for a specific purpose and I try to understand the message within whatever Hashem does.

   ivanssacks :
What is my potential?
I was created in the image of G-d. This gives me a tremendous opportunity to reach high levels in my life. We also know that each person must realize that the whole world was created for him / her. So the whole world was created for me. If I am created in the image of G-d and I have the whole world just created for me, I must by extension have an enormous potential and also be very special in G-d's eyes'.
I have been given my own strengths and weaknesses like nobody else so I am unique and cannot be compared to anyone. Only to my previous self can I compare myself. I cannot be jealous of another and another person cannot be jealous of me because we are given exactly what we have and not a hairs breath more or less.
How may I reach my potential?
My potential can be reached by following the Torah (The Divine guide book) which spells out how I can reach my potential. I need to just follow the instructions and apply myself and I have a good shot of reaching my potential. As I reach one level of potential, by living my life according to the Divine instruction, I then get given additional potential to reach a new level. In other words my potential can never be reached I can press my greatness / potential further and further and hopefully by the time I get called home I will have passed my tests and reached my potential.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
The question here is also the answer. In other words, we discover and realize our potential from constantly asking ourselves, "What is my potential? How may I reach it?"

Our potential is to be gods - no less than the Creator Himself. However, just as a person who wishes to reach the 100th rung of the ladder, needs first to climb rungs 1-99, so too everything we achieve has to be done step by step. We need always to be striving for the next rung, the next accomplishment, and only after that, the one that follows it. This way, we climb to the highest worlds. This way, we become godly beings. An important ingredient here obviously, is to develop strong desires, powerful wishes and prayers, begging for assistance towards our true destination. Let's keep asking ourselves, "What's next on my list? What next must I do en route to reaching my potential?"

A final point: We need to commit ourselves to this project for life. Then we will have no reason to fear or resent it. For, the more we invest in reaching our potential, the more exciting and inspired our lives will be.

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