Examine Your Life
Question Two : What do I give? What do I get?
 (see Rabbi Schwartz's answer at bottom of this page)

   Roy :
The more I give the more I get. We are all created in the image of Hashem.  Hashem is All Good.

We are created  to emulate Hashem. I give of myself to myself, I give of myself to others and I give of myself to Hashem.
In all cases I Thank and Appreciate Hashem for giving me so I can give in return.

As stated in Pirkei Avot Chapt 4 number 14- If I am not for myself who will be for me, and if I am for myself, what am I? And if not now when?

   Grant :
I try and give my best in life, by spreading the truth about Hashem, by giving, Tzadakah and helping other people, never asking back anything in return, but sometimes I am not giving enough due to the problems in this materialistic world.

What I do get, is the pleasure of serving Hashem with all my heart, and the pleasure and joy of life, including the love of my family. What I have learnt is the more one gives from the heart without expecting back in return, the more one receives pleasure.
Grant Jackson

   MP :
I give of myself and of my resources, both of which are not mine but rather, Divinely-given, are my responsibility.  I receive blessings, including but not limited to my life force and all that others choose to give.  Parenthetically, I am constantly and eternally grateful both for being able to give and for everything I receive.

   judyb455 :
I give shalom, mercy, kindness and grace that Hashem in his bounty has lavished on me in his loving kindness to me as his child.

Following the Torah's attributes of doing kindness, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, burying the dead and also Tzedaka. Therefore doing good in the sight of Hashem Deuteronomy 6.  What a magnificent gift of his word that I benefit from that purifies and blesses my soul.  When you understand that you are given the responsibility to help people from your heart, joy is the experience with which you connect to receive Hashem's  promises.

  mdkrakow :
I give when I push myself to serve Hashem at times when it doesn't come easy (though He doesn't need what I "give" Him). I get all the blessings, whether physical or spiritual, He bestows upon me.

  ivanssacks :
I get far more than I give and so I am responding to what I get first.

I get a life that is abundant in opportunities, kindness, wonder, challenges, time to enjoy the world, time to solve or wait out challenges. I get love, I get life during and beyond my improper behavior. I get time to resolve or to repent for my improper behavior or actions. I get family, faith and friends which give me relationships. I could not imagine my life without these relationships.

I give what I enjoy giving. I give of my time, my energy and my resources to what I emotionally connect to. I give selectively because I have limited time and resources. Comparatively for what I get in my life I give little. I give because I feel a sense of duty or because I love. I am human and my giving on reflection makes me realize how awesome G-d is because his abundance is infinite and kind to each and every living being.

I give because G-d gives me my life, and so my giving is the extension of G-d's goodness.

   s.weinberg :

Have to be honest , don't really like this question . Very cryptic , vague and really not  capable of providing any kind of objectivity . Nevertheless , I will try my best . Drawing from all the depth that I am capable of , I would have to say that  I give nothing at all , after all who can give Hashem anything . Whatever it may mean , I get everything , for what am I without Hashem , nothing.

   A. Silver :
I give my will and desires to Hashem and to others, and then hope and pray that it will be Hashem's will and desire to bring my will and desires from potential to actual. I get my good desires and will as a gift from Hashem; this is the key to the treasure trove of eternal good which no eye has seen except for You Hashem and which Hashem will give to the deserving in Olam Habah.

   ivanssacks :
What do I give? What do I get? Every breath of life. A beating heart and all the other organs that keep me alive and well. I get awesome experiences filled with so much opportunity and challenge. A mind that can navigate the continual changes and a mind that can choose equanimity and joy no matter the situation or one can choose to receive the gifts we get through negatively. tainted glasses. Absolutely our choice.

We can only give because we are continually getting.

   Rabbi Schwartz :
We can't live without exerting ourselves. Even breathing costs us effort. Certainly then, dressing, praying, eating, working and every effort we make is a form of giving, giving to our lives. The flip side of this is with everything we give, we get something in return. We give out what is good, positive, energizing, and we get what is good, positive, energizing. We give out what is evil, negative and discouraging, and we receive in return what is evil, negative and discouraging.

This applies also in terms of where we invest our efforts. We invest in creating good relationships, we enjoy good relationships. We invest in helping others, we receive help in return. We invest in study and learning, we grow great through the knowledge we absorb. We invest in knowing Hashem, we uncover the path He sets before us.

Another point: We need to focus on the giving rather than taking. Even though, taking too is a form of giving - after all we can't take without giving something first (even if its only words of flattery) still the energy which comes from such an intention, weakens us.

Ideally then, we should commit ourselves to planting and building, supporting and motivating, and only where absolutely necessary, demolishing and destroying. Thus we create for ourselves a magnificent future.

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