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Question One : Why was I born?
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   ivanssacks :    
I was born to fulfill a purpose in this world during the time I am allotted. Being born and recognizing my actual purpose is a primary goal for me to accomplish. By the grace and kindness of G-d I have this opportunity of my life and so I must treasure and thank G-d for all the blessings I have, because I do view my life as being wonderful and a blessing. Perhaps I was born simply because G-d wanted me to be born.

I was born with strengths and weaknesses. I believe within myself that I must utilize my strengths for good (yet to be defined) and to avoid bad (still to be defined). If I was born with a start date already established and with an end date still to be known by others (not me  :) I must accomplish my purpose or my work by then. As I write I realize how difficult it is for me to answer this question because I have never actually thought why I was born.
In conclusion I was born because G-d wanted me to be born.

   MP :
I was born in order to accomplish something only I can accomplish during my timespan in this world and to improve (if not perfect) myself and my connection with the Divine.
("I", "my", etc. refer to my spiritual being.)

   judyb455 :
I was born to know, love and to serve Hashem. My life experiences good or bad are messages from him designed to stimulate my faith to become closer to him by praying/speaking to him in a loving relationship, father to daughter.

By becoming closer to him the better I can know him. The more I know him he helps me in the path to the correction of my soul which is the purpose I am here. Hashem in is infinite loving kindness directs my life in a manner that helps me to successfully achieve this purpose. I love him by seeking his will and trusting his reproves knowing that he loves me and does everything for my benefit making life not only bearable but gratifying.  I accept life's difficulties with faith for the correction and perfection of my soul  This is one of my greatest achievements to know Hashem and believe in his faithful divine providence.

   D Kraus :
I have always found the Malbim on Chumash, puts it so beautifully as follows;
The highest form of pleasure that Hashem (So to speak) enjoys is to give the goodness to us.

Therefore, by us doing his Rotzon (Not for the reward per se) but only in order to facilitate and enable Hashem to reciprocate and perpetuate his goodness further.
A simple but profound idea, which is of course a lofty concept, but well worth working on.

   sarr.blumson :
I'm not sure this is a meaningful question. I define what I was born to do by what I do. G-d may have a plan – I'm personally neutral on that question – but there is no way for me to know what that is, so it's not relevant to my human existance. Responses that would offer me any guidance in how to live are either too abstract to be meaningful or assume the literal truth of messages that I can't believe are literally true.

   mringelheim :
The Path of the Just indicates that we are born so G-d can shower us with his kindness and divine gifts.  These unimaginable pleasures are to be provided in our heavenly portion, which is earned through our upkeep of G-d's commandments in this world.  The classic follow-up question is why does G-d put us through the paces and challenges of being born if the true purpose in our creation is simply to serve as vessels for the manifestation of G-d's kindness in the world to come?  The answer I have heard, quoted from the author of the Path of the Just, is that we would be unable to fully appreciate our heavenly reward if it was simply given to us without any toil on our part.  Much like a trust-fund baby can not fully appreciate his inherited wealth and may ignore the responsibilities that are attached to such a gift, the soul is unable to appreciate G-ds gifts if there was no effort put forth.  This view of our purpose is supported by historical Jewish teachings which indicate that its almost impossible for any Jew not to receive a share in the world to come- even false prophets who may lead thousands away from belief and G-d will still eventually receive heavenly eternal reward after their allotted punishment.  To me this indicates that G'ds ultimate intent is to bestow us all with his kindness, as if our heavenly reward were simply a reflection of our actions on this world, how could it be the worst of us receive eternal reward?  At the same time we know that our earthly performance impacts the amount of punishment received after death as well as the level of pleasures received in the world to come.  In the described paradigm, perhaps this could be explained as a necessary limitation of G-d's kindness in order to foster an appreciation of earned reward and not as a qualification for receiving G-ds grace.

   mdkrakow :
I was born to perfect myself, that is to work towards perfection (though complete perfection will never be achieved). The means to do that is to keep all the mitzvos of the Torah to the best of my ability. Another way to say it, is that I was born to draw close to Hashem by emulating Him. I accomplish this emulation by keeping the Torah.

   s.weinberg :
From Hashem's perspective to give of his good to another . From our perspective to earn that good by making Hashem' name and glory known throughout the world ,  by learning Torah and performing mitzvas and withstanding trials .

   boys5 :
My soul was chosen by Hashem to b brought down into this world to fix or correct something from a previous reincarnation. I was put into a motherly position with a big fam b' purpose upto date is being the wife of a b'h beautiful husband & the mother & grandma to our children & learn , to teach to bring us all to b respectable Jews that try to go in the paths of the Torah . With my first pregnancy I became ill, drs told me to abort in order to live . I told them that I could not possible do that & I prayed that if Hashem let's this baby b well he will b an observant religious Jew. Baruch Hashem it was a big challenge in our lives & we were very young but our emunah was indescribable ! Baruchut frm our great grandfather & our rabbis & prayers of the community & ours Hashem gave us a beautiful son. Dr told us u can't have anymore children don't risk ur life! We went to another dr recommended  by our rabbis & went to rabbis & got an ok & a beracha . It was a challenging beginning but B'h Hashem pulled us thru it . Today we have b'h a family that bli ayin Hara would have never imagined ourselves without! Hashem is great & if we r born to this world we have a mission to complete we might not realize what our mission is but we must keep our minds focused on Hashems way!

   roy :
I was born to perfect my character and for a G-D given purpose. I believe as a Jew that G-D created me for the following three areas of character/soul completion

1] To perfect myself.
2]To perfect my behaviour to other people.
3]To perfect my behaviour to G-D

This three areas are  mirrored in Pirkei Avot. Chapter  1, no 2 by Shimon Hatzadik : On three things the world depends on Torah Study, on Service of G-D and bestowing Kindness.

   grant :
I was born, because Hashem, wanted me to be born, so I could find the truth and start searching, the purpose of why I was born was to first find Hashem, and then to serve Hashem ( helping other people throught Mitvos and Tzadekah ) with all my heart and soul and to cleave to the creator, making corrections along the path for my soul.

   A. Silver :
As it says in Koheles 12:13 – “The end of the matter, everything having been heard, fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the entire man.”

I believe this is what Hashem desires. We don’t know exactly why He desires it, but it seems that it’s in order for us to develop the capability to receive the greatest good which is Hashem Himself.

   Marcelle :
I believe that I was born into this world so as to have the opportunity to learn to love and to trust (Bitachon) in Hashem with all my heart. I love to learn about Bitachon as it provides me with a deep feeling of deveikas and inner peace.

Marcelle Feinberg

   liatsacks :

I was born to fulfill my mission. I do not fully know my mission yet as I am still here, however, I do believe that I do know part of my mission on earth by learning about my strengths and talents over the years. I believe that I was born to make a difference in life of people with special needs. I believe I have a true gift at communicating with people with special needs and maximizing these special people's potential. I also believe I was born to face challenges that G-d has chosen personally for me. I believe I am still young and am still learning why I was born!

   Rabbi Schwartz :
I was born to receive a gift, the ultimate gift. Since all goodness comes from Hashem, and since it is the nature of good to do good, He therefore gives me the ultimate gift - He gives me life. Let's think out three "bests" contained in this gift:

 (1) The best gift Hashem can give me is Himself. Thus my gift is the ability to be all that He is - the nobility, the beauty, the creative genius, the love and the joy.
 (2) The best mode of giving a gift is that I may truly appreciate it. Thus He makes it difficult to acquire this greatness. I must work hard and even suffer before I may reach it. Only then is it absolutely mine.
 (3) The highest honor that accompanies any gift is to have it custom-made, especially created for me. Thus no one in the world, no one in history, will ever have the life that only I may live.

As such: I must pour my heart, dreams, energy and every resource I have into living this gift. In this way then, I will make good the experience of being born...

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