Examine Your Life

The key is “The Question”. In thinking over the question, lies the ultimate reward - connection to the highest of worlds.

Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz presents thought-provoking questions. These concern the purpose of life and how we can embrace our every day in a meaningful, happy way.
Try to answer them yourself - share your answer with others - and see Rabbi Schwartz's answer as well. All the question can be viewed on the pages following. Click on the question below, to reach these pages.  Rabbi Schwartz's answer appears on each page.

01:  Why was I born?
02:  What do I give? What do I get? 
03:  What is my potential? How may I reach it? 
04:  How do my thoughts and yearnings help me reach my goals?
05:  Am I living in a perfect world?
06:  Am I living in a real world?
07:  What makes me  happy?
08:  How difficult do my difficulties need to be?
09:  Am I different to everyone else?
10: Should my main focus be on myself or on others?
Bonus Question: What is THE major desire I should be praying for on Rosh Hashana? (and every other day of the year)
11: How much importance should I give to what others think of me?
12: What's wrong with being jealous?
13: What's wrong with getting angry?
14: What's wrong with excessive laughter?
15: What is good pride? What is bad pride?
16: How am I using my now?
17: How do I stay happy?
18: What is my life mission?
19:  Am I truly free?
20: How am I better than I was last year, last month, last week?
21: Can I envision my ideal self?
22: Do I like myself?
23: How flexible am I?
24: Must my life include suffering?
25:  Is my Evil Inclination truly evil? Is my Good Inclination truly good?
26. How do I bring the Divine Presence into my life?
27: What do I want to be when I grow up?
28: What does it mean to have a pure heart, and why do I want it?
29: How do I fill my day with love?
30: How do I love my friend as myself?
31: What's wrong with feeling superior to others?
32: How patient must I be?
33: How much courage do I need?
34: How do I live my life to the full?
35: Why do bad things happen to me, and how should I respond to them?
36: Why does the Torah forbid me any type of revenge or even just remembering the harm others caused me?
37: How can my friend be my king?
38: Do I know when I'm thinking 'big' and when I'm thinking 'small'?
39: If I shouldn't do mitzvos for reward, why then should I do them?
40: If I live in a perfect world, how may I hope to improve it?
41: Where do I see the oneness of Hashem?
42: Should I be a magician, and if yes, how do I become one?
43: How can I be more beautiful? 
44: Why should I trust in Hashem? How may I boost this trust? 
45: If I truly believe I will receive what I want, will I receive it?
46: Should I feel pride in my work?
47: How may I change or transform others?
48: How may I be perfect?
49: How do I avoid rejection?
50: Why do I feel inferior to others?
51: What’s the difference between self-esteem and haughtiness?
52: How am I created b'tzelem Elokim (in the image of Hashem)?

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