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Empowering Thoughts    Balls of Fire

Repeating inspiring words empowers us.

Similarly, creating different pictures in our minds inspires us.

To see the name of the Creator before our eyes is good advice given to us by our sages.*  To make this work for us – to make it more real, more electric – depends on us.

We can for instance imagine the letters of this holy name in revolving colors or textures. We can watch it hover over the world, in changing settings, forests, oceans, mountains, valleys.

Then we can envision it embedded in a ball of fire, appearing and disappearing as the flames shoot out. This vision matches the Torah’s own imagery that describes the Creator as “a burning fire.”**

Let’s try as an exercise to have such a ball of fire in our minds, allowing it to fill us with light, warmth and lofty aspirations. Let’s hold it in our consciousness to such an extent, that we ourselves become balls of fire.

   Outside and In

We live in the world around us, and we live in our minds. Our outside world is made of buildings and streets. Our inside world is composed of whatever we imagine, of whatever we want.

Think about it. Within our minds, we can spend one moment trailing through African jungles, and the next climbing the European Alps. We can surround ourselves with marble palaces or green forests, or both. We can listen to crashing waves or symphony orchestras, or both.

This is a power. We need to use it in a powerful way.

Then, as a second step, we can superimpose, super-emboss our inner world on our outer world. We can merge our inner world with our outer world, and have them glisten together with heavenly beauty.

Doing this exercise has a wonderful benefit. For our thoughts, our mind-state and prayer, have a positive, real effect on our physical surroundings. As we picture our world, our lives, so they eventually become.

*  Rema, Shulchan Orach, Orach Chaim 1.1.
** Devarim 4.24

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