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PiCK-ME-UPs: Empower yourself, enjoy life! Not just another book, but a series of lessons - each one geared to change our lives, turning darkness to light, misery to joy, shame into dignity; to give us a sense of direction, that we may advance through life with enthusiasm, passion, that every day become a jewel, a treasure, a source of great pleasure and enjoyment. 91 pages
A Handful of Light

A Handful of Light - The Ramban wrote a famous letter to his son. In this short work he sets out a path that leads to the highest of human achieve- ments -- acquiring lofty attributes and attitudes. This commentary interprets this letter, throwing light on its teachings that the reader may explore his ideas in a deeper, more effective way. 287 pages

Be Happy and Succeed
Be Happy and Succeed - Common sense, and the Torah itself, obligates us to be happy. Happiness after all, is a great highway that leads to every success. The problem is however, that the formula for happiness is not simple. "Keep Smiling" first addressed this issue. "Be Happy and Succeed" takes these teachings a step forward, that we may learn to be happier, more successful people.  244 pages
Be King
Be a King Press your finger on the Happiness Button. Watch the button light up. See your life – your world – change color, glow with light, with joy. Now press the button again. Keep pressing that button during the day. For inside it there's a spring and it won't stay down by itself. We need to keep pushing it throughout our day. 240 pages.

Heavenly Ways
Heavenly Ways - We speak to ourselves all day, every day. Some of what we tell ourselves inspires us, fills us with joy. Other things only pull us down. Arranged according to 176 topics, Heavenly Ways gives us a Torah-based point of view, affirmations to use, that we accelerate our journey along healthful, heavenly ways.  174 pages

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