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Empowering Thoughts -- the book
Empowering Thoughts is a collection of pieces on how to receive all we wish to receive – “all” here meaning all! The key lies in holding empowered thoughts in our mind. Such thoughts, in and of  themselves, are a type of prayer, and with such prayer we release every type of goodness into our lives; with such mental images we unleash the very power of Creation. 56 pages
Wealth - A Torah Approach
Wealth - A Torah Approach - Question: Do we strive for wealth or not? After all, each one of us appreciates money. Question: Is there such a thing as a Torah formula to acquire wealth? With over 700 quotes from Talmud and Medrash this work sheds a new clarity on issues that affect us every day.  320 pages
The Need to be Great
The Need to be Great is built into each one of us. It's no good trying to starve this need. The result leads only to misery and frustration. Rather, we must feed it. We must realize for ourselves what greatness means to us, and how we can reach it. We want to be fulfilled and happy. The way to make it so is to strive for greatness.  176 pages
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Keep Smiling
Keep Smiling - is a great secret of happiness. The problem is though, that life continually "throwurve balls" at us. At times we are up and all is fine. Then we swing into a down. Here is a series of ideas, advice and insight into how we can deal with life's many, varied challenges to the best of our abilities.  188 pages
Hearts on Fire
Hearts on Fire - King David fought great battles to become one of Jewish history's great heroes, the fourth wheel of the Divine Chariot. Within the words of his Tehillim, we follow his struggle towards eternal greatness. "Hearts on Fire" presents a selection of verses, and a short, inspirational commentary, that allows us an insight into the devices King David used. 170 pages 

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