Avraham Tzvi Schwartz
My name is Avraham Tzvi Schwartz. I live with my wife and children in Kiryat Sefer, a religious community in Israel. Amongst other things, I write.

What do I write about? About those things that excite and/or bother me in life, dreams and aspirations, small hurts and large ones; all that I am working on for myself, my family and community -- my happiness and success, self-growth and self-improvement.

My main message is about connecting upper worlds with our physical reality, and realizing for ourselves all of life's wonders. Around these themes, I have authored a number of works.


I was born in Tel-Aviv Israel, but at a very young age moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. My education was mixed, and I experienced a number of lifestyle options. While still studying, I tried my hand at business, selling guitars, used furniture, cars and even houses. At the age of 21, my ambitions carried me to the United States where I spent six months. From there I was redirected to Israel, where I continue to live until this day.

Starting off in Jerusalem, I engaged in full-time Torah study, got married fathered an armful of beautiful children. A few years into this life pattern, I added the following accomplishments to my list, writing books, giving classes and even commuting to Johannesburg to take part of the Ohr Somayach project there.

My greatest challenge however, still stands before me. This is to live up to and ENJOY the daily challenges and gift of life.


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