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In Pursuit of Respect, Love and Happiness
What we pursue, evades us; what we avoid, pursues us. Thus to achieve the joy, pleasure, admiration, wealth and success we so want, we have to live for others, pursue higher goals...

Self-Wealth - the source of happiness and success
We all have quiet moments in our lives. Moreover, we can make time for quiet moments. We have to learn how to use these moments, how to appreciate them.

Brothers and Slaves
We are brothers; but sometimes we mistreat each other; this must be corrected; either by ourselves, or outside forces...

The Purpose of Life
The purpose of life is vital to every aspect of our lives. Thus, to appreciate the wonders, brilliance of creation benefits us in many different ways, and ultimately draws us closer to the inner, upper worlds within us. (4:36 min)

Weapons of War
How do we best fight our enemies?

Love, Respect and Joy
We need three qualities for our success and happiness, love, respect and joy. These make us greater people thereby allowing us to accomplish, reach and enjoy our lives so much more. (4:58 min)

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing
The three items that we need for our success and happiness are our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We need wealth and health, people to like us, and a higher purpose, a dream that motivates and inspires us. (2:54 min)

PiCK-ME-UPs - Empower Yourself, Enjoy LIfe!
Avraham Tzvi Schwartz, author of "PiCK-ME-UPs", the book, reads a selection from the chapter on "Happiness", ideas gleaned from Torah mysticism, drawing on the law of attraction, to bring joy and accomplishment into our lives. (2:31 min)

Male or Female? Black or White?
Is the Creator a man or a woman? Male or female? Black or white? All of the above or none.

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