Happy buyers - letters from satisfied readers

… not only helps me keep a smile on my face … it helps me learn more about the G-d who loves us all.
John Knoderer, Gravette, Arkansas.

Today I was physically and mentally exhaus­ted and maybe a little angry at the things I had to do for community and family, and POW, here comes ‘Keep Smiling’ and guess what, I am alive again.
Judy Moritz, Johannesburg.

I have been amazed and delighted to receive an insight or thought, at just the time I needed it...I have been try­ing to live my life according to this philosophy for some time - but I can forget truths that I had once learned.
David Swan, Canadian Breast Cancer
Foundation, Vancouver.

As busy as I am … I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. I simply needed your words of encouragement.
Kathy Pirrello, Erie, Pennsylvania.

… has forced me to take all my loved ones, thoughts, and actions into account, thereby making me appreciate my life more fully.
Julie Lindy, New Haven, Connecticut.

Thank you, for the wonderful gift of “Keep Smiling!” which I save, enjoy, and incorporate into my interactions with others. Your work is a great inspiration for me.
Laura Hagans, North Augusta,
South Carolina.

… possesses the ability to tap into my current mood of the day … sometimes refreshing, sometimes amusing, sometimes provocative, and always thought-provoking and enlightening … writings you feel good about sharing with others.
Belle Plummer, Shelbyville, Illinois.

… beautiful message.
Rabbi Dovid Ostroff, Jerusalem.

… never fails to put a brightness into our day - one always comes out feeling positive, good and uplifted …
Cecil and Anne Steinhauer, Johannesburg.

Thank you for brightening my day with your positive words and encourage­ment. You have helped me through some of my most troubled times with your optimistic outlook and enthusiasm for life …
Rivka Nahari, New York.

I do not know how you can keep finding such wonderful ideas to share, especially in such few words, but we greatly enjoy it!
Tzvi Mitzman, Jerusalecredit card andm.

… wonderful, inspiring messages … to over­come unhappiness, and get a grip on ourselves when we slip.
Rabbi Mordechai Makor, Jerusalem.

… wonderful words of wisdom.
Steve J., Buffalo, New York.

… a stream of thoughts, prose, poetry and ideas that do more than generate a smile, or tear … words like milk and honey to taste … I think Am Yisrael will truly benefit from this infinite well of love, joy and brilliance.
Daniel Freedman, Sandtcredit card andon.

… not only interesting, but uplifting … a positive perspective on life … I hope all who view these compilations are filled with the same passion and joy these words have the potential to create …
Name withheld.

… nice message – and I needed to read it!
Harriet Gordon, Washington DC.

… beautiful ideas and life changing thoughts!
Jonathan Fransman, Johannesburg.

… enriching words.
Russel Davis, Johannesburg.

Thank you for keeping us smiling.
Mervyn and Roz Sacks, Sandton.

Thank you so much for the chizuk … I only wish  for you that Hashem keeps giving you power to keep going as long as you can, and putting smiles in people’s hearts.
Lior Abou, Monsey, New York

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