PiCK-ME-UPs excerpt - Happiness
  To be Joyous
We need to be joyous. With happiness, we empower ourselves – we are healthier, wiser, we communicate better, and are more effective in all that we do.

  A level we must reach
Happiness is a level we must reach – we must achieve. On the other hand – once we make it ours – we may enjoy it forever.

  Happiness and Wealth
“Wealth does not lead to happiness, but happiness does lead to wealth”. This is true of all types of wealth – material wealth, physical health, as well as emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

  Our Habit
Happiness depends on us thinking positive thoughts. But this is not yet enough. We have to make such thoughts our habit.

We need to take life seriously. At the same time, we know that life should be fun. Mostly, we resolve this contradiction by setting times for work and times for play. However, the ideal remains that we should have fun doing what we need to be doing.

  To Radiate
We all admire the person with a quick tongue and sharp sense of humor. However, the ability to radiate warmth, love and affection towards the people in our lives is many times more valuable.

  Formula for Happiness
Here is an amazing formula for your happiness:
  1)  Judge all others favorably. No matter how badly they behave, think of ways to justify their actions.
  2)  Regard everyone as your friend. Even those who you once called enemies, think of as misguided friends. Try even to smile at them and help them as a true friend would.
And most important of all…
  3)  Wish well on everyone. Wish for them the best possible day. Wish for them the most marvelous, complete lives. Want them to reach every success.
Follow this formula, and see miracles in your life.

Readers' Comments
The “PiCK-ME-UPs”…have inspired, helped and/or simply made me smile. Amazingly, the “PiCK-ME-UPs” always seem to correspond to the situation that I am in at that particular moment. 
Luciana Ceross, Sevenoaks, Kent, U.K.

I love your work. Succinct and power-packed thoughts that can last a lifetime!                       
Ivan Sacks, Dallas TX

If you are having a rough moment or you feel empty inside, stop everything you are doing, sit quietly and read a few excerpts of “PiCK-ME-UPs”. Your spirit will be lifted and you will feel as if you were being fed fresh manna from heaven.
You will not only be enlightened by his work, but you will feel his love and kindness in your heart when you need it most.                
Victoria Johnson, Caribbean Islands

A window to a better life…
Denis Nelson, San Jose, Costa Rica

…a wonderful and fresh perspective…regardless of how the world around me seems to crumble…
Rivka Zahava Berger Reed, Raleigh-Durham NC

 Your explanation is so simple, yet on a high level.
Bernard Rosenberg, Brewster NY

…really makes an amazing difference in my life…reinforces my own beliefs and trust in the Creator, and helps me enormously in getting through each day…brings a smile to my face…I really enjoy the insight and great wisdom.
Grant Jackson, London

…many times I just can’t wait to share them with other people, mostly, my mother and sister. You put things in a light that you can see life in a simple way and learn to smile at yourself…   
Andrea Levy, Buenos Aires

The “PiCK-ME-UPs” do that for me…I look forward to reading them on a daily basis.
Rhoda Schnarch, Toronto

I see how the world needs people like you; when it’s dark, you bring the light.
Alina Demidova, Moscow

…highly inspiring…on the power of prayer helped me particularly well as I am recuperating from developing pulmonary emboli.  I decided to walk round our little garden ten times.  After the fifth time round, I felt I couldn’t continue and then thought of the power you had reminded us of.  I happily finished the ten rounds… 
Edna Freinkel, Johannesburg

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