The Divine Presence within us

One of our main goals is the Geula, the rededication and salvation of the group to a more elevated lifestyle. This is a time of ultimate peace and contentment, not just for one nation but for an entire world. An aspect of these days will be the extra loving care we show each other -- a care that comes from sincere efforts to benefit and enrich others. However, the biggest prize of such days will be that the Shechina, the Divine Presence, will rest on and within us.

"From the moment the Creator made the universe, He yearned strongly to dwell amongst his lower creatures in the same way as He dwells amongst his higher creatures." (Tanchuma Noso 16)

Right now, we may yet be unable to bring about the grand wish of all Creation. However, we can at least make it happen within ourselves.

By helping others, by being pleasant towards others, by honoring them -- and especially with those others who are family members -- we bring the Shechina into our everyday.

By expressing gratitude, sincere, thought-out, heartfelt thanks, we bring the Shechina into our own selves.

By learning and thinking deeply about the Creator and His Creation, as deeply as our focus and concentration will allow us, we fill our minds and entire beings with the Shechina.

Let's then bring more and more Shechina into our lives.

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