It's perfect, all perfect. It's a beautiful, perfect world -- every element of it, every detail, every curve, every shade of color. It's all perfect.

And what of the problems we face? They too are part of the perfection. For, they are our challenge, our greatness. Through facing our problems, we build the world -- change it. Through overcoming our problems we are partner to Creation -- we too have a share in the world.

We move in our lives from challenge to challenge. Let's enjoy them. Let's smile at them, and turn them into a launching pad for every type of achievement and success.

    Three Types

We face three types of problems, our personal problems, other peoples' problems and national problems.

Our personal problems are those we treat most urgently. They set us thinking, worrying, praying -- searching up and down for a solution. We do not rest until we first solve even its smallest details. Still, to remain with only our own problems is a mistake.

"One, who seeks relief for his friend when he needs the same thing himself, is answered first." (Baba Kama 92a)

We need additionally, to make other people's problems our problems. Creation demands that we become problem-solvers. This is the reason there are problems in the first place. Thus, when we are problem-solvers by helping others, our own sufferings falls away.

Likewise, and the more so, with national issues: To involve ourselves with the needs of our community, our people, is to reach magnificent heights. Here, we do not simply react to difficulties that arise. Rather, we ourselves bring up new issues, working creatively to improve our surroundings. We act rather than react. In this, we build up our world.

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