Jewish Leadership

Moshiach, Mashiach, the Messiah, a king, Jewish leadership

Jewish leadership, a king, Mashiach -- whatever name we use, the sad truth is we don't yet have it -- not in the way we could have it, not in the way we should have it.

"So," you ask, "what does that have to do with me?" The answer is, everything -- and in every possible way. Not only is proper Jewish leadership something that can and should affect our lives profoundly, but we are responsible and to blame for not having it.

"A generation that does not merit the rebuilding of the Temple is the equivalent of one who destroyed it." (Talmud Yerushalmi, Yoma 1.1)

The question then should be, "What am I expected to do? How can I change the situation?"

The first thing is we can WANT it. True, we pray for the Geula, we ask to be rescued from our troubles and pains, we even sing about it. Still, this is not enough. We need to want it and want it.

Now, let's ask ourselves, and continue to ask ourselves, "What can I think, say and do to want Mashiach more?"

    A Part of the Process

How can we want Mashiach more? Most importantly, we must remember that we are a vital part of the process. For, what we really desire is that the Shechina, Divine inspiration, rest on us, and to such a degree, that one of our number stands up with a message motivating the entire Jewish people to positive change.

We have two responsibilities...

One, we need to elevate ourselves such that more of the Creator, more of the ultimate Creative Force, connects with us, creating a new drive in our lives.

Two, we must embrace such leadership, and the challenges that grow from it. We need to be thrilled, even to shiver at the idea of the Heavenly Presence entering the world -- filling our beings, radiating within us and through us, as we live each day in the best possible way.

     Moving On

The coming of the Geula -- the emergence of the Jewish people as the Creator's presence in this world -- starts in our thoughts.

(1) We need to dream large, compelling dreams, dreams that enter our prayers with colorful force.

(2) We need to get excited by our wish. In them, we should see prosperity and happiness, the feeling of achievement we want for ourselves. Constantly, we must renew these dreams -- that they continue to uplift, exhilarate, intoxicate us.

(3) We must work to incorporate the entire Jewish people and even the welfare and contentment of the whole world into our prayer.

With these steps, we bring the Geula into reality.

    Greater and Greater

Say, "I am Avraham, Yitzchak, Yakov. I am Sara, Rivka, Rochel, Leah. I am Moshe, Aaron, Dovid, Shlomo. I am Miriam, Devora, Esther, Yehudis.

Let these great people live in you and through you. Let all great people live in you and through you. Let their aspirations and dreams be your aspirations and dreams. Let their personality and drive be your personality, and drive. Be them in what you think, say and do.

Say, "I am Mashiach." Let the rebuilding of the Jewish people, the gathering-in of our exiles, the renovation of our land be a part of your reality. Live now towards a glorious future.

Say, "I am the Creator." Feel the Creative Force pulsing through you, invigorating you. Let the intelligence of upper worlds flow into you, empowering and guiding you to great achievement.

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