We can use words, one at a time, to motivate and energize ourselves. Repeating, over and over, a single word helps us to focus and even hypnotize ourselves to higher level of consciousness.

Thus, repeating the word "Power" again and again when we need to control ourselves, helps us reach greater self-discipline.

Repeating the word "Love" before joining our families readies us to participate in this special occasion in a fuller way.

Repeating words like "Happiness" and "Thank you" when hardships challenge us, encourages us to see the sunny side of a difficult situation.

A second point is that the more enthusiastic we are in saying Pow-words, the better they work. The more concentration and energy we lay on our lips, the faster our results come in.

Jewish Law prescribes for us the ultimate Pow-word we can use. The basis of this teaching is in a verse of King David that tells us to focus on the Creator's special name.*  True, we may not pronounce this holy name with our mouths, but we can and should picture it in our minds. Doing this properly leads us to awe-filled, awesome living.

A final point, practically speaking, we cannot stay on one word constantly. We need to use our discretion, and pick additional words to inspire us. For each moment that faces us, let's try find a matching word, and activate it for our achievement.

  More on POW-words

What's the difference between meditation and spacing-out? The first is thinking with focus; the second is thinking without focus.

POW-words during our quiet periods, or in a waiting area, at traffic lights, etc. help us keep just such a focus. Moreover, we can use them to create special moods for ourselves...

Repeating over the words like "serene" or "relaxed" help us reach peace of mind. Words like "energized" and "strong" said with enthusiasm make us to feel physically better.

Repeating "majestic" and "magnificent" builds our confidence. "Faithful" and "dedicated" aligns us with our duties in this world.

Words like "efficient" and "productive" save us from wasting our time. "Intelligent" and "focused" help us to learn well, and steer our life-path with more certainty.

"Attractive" and "magnetic" assist us to interact with others. "Friendly" and "concerned" help us to help them better.

"Affluence" and "blessing" connect us to the world's abundance, while with "appreciation" and "gratitude" we gain access it.

Then there are the very useful words, "help" and "save me". These draw down on us generous heavenly assistance.

* "I place Hashem before me always" Tehillim 16.8; Rema, Shulchan Orach, Orach Chaim 1.1.

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