I am a Leopard

Yehuda ben Teima says, "Be fierce as a leopard, light as an eagle, fast as a deer and as strong as a lion...*

Say: I am a leopard. I am charged, determined, driven, I am fierce about doing what I need to do.

Say:  I am an eagle. I soar high, detached from the pettiness of this world, objective -- thus I can see what is right and what is wrong.

Say: I am a deer. I move fast, efficiently, free of heaviness, laziness -- to finish my projects, to reach the goals I set before myself.

Say: I am a lion. I am fearless, solid, powerful, even-tempered in carrying out my mission -- the reason I came into this world.

Focus on the qualities of these creatures, and be them.

* Pirkei Avos 5.23


If a person suddenly receives a large sum of money -- whatever by him is a large sum -- understandably, he feels a great happiness. He will sing through his next few days. On the other hand, if he loses a great sum of money, he feels upset, sad, angry, etc. Everything in his life turns black. But really, the ideal is to treat both events equally, with calm feelings of gratitude.

Life is a gift; its difficulties are the spice that makes it tastier. Practically, it is hard to say thank you for the sorrows and troubles that challenge us. Still, to remain assured, serene, happy, under all circumstances, is the ideal. And, just knowing that this is something to strive for, can help us ride our challenges to future success.

  From Outside

Detach yourself from yourself. Look at yourself from outside -- as a stranger would look at you. Then coach yourself to success.

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