Our thoughts affect us; they fix for us the type of people we are and become. Therefore, by changing our thoughts, we change ourselves. However, for this to work, our thinking must be consistent.

For as much of our conscious day as we can, we need to plug into happy thoughts, connect to vibrant self-images. We need to train ourselves to hold positive ideas in our minds, until  this becomes our habit. Thus, we speed up our self-growth.

  To Impress

We try to impress the people we meet. We may straighten up, paste a smile on our face (or for some people, a scowl) and make the type of conversation we think they want to hear. If we do this to be friendly and kind, that's fine. But if we do it to attract attention, draw admiration, this is a mistake.

We need to work on being whole people, beautiful people -- for our own sake. This means we act the same way whether we're with other people or not. We are ourselves as much in public as in private. To do this, we need to increase our self-confidence. Still, for the quality this adds to our lives, it's well worth the trouble.

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