Get real. You can't live life in a fantasy. The question is though, what is real and what is fantasy?

Fifty years ago, or even five years ago, many would have said that wood and stones are real; thoughts and dreams are fantasy. Now though, many more will tell you that quantum mechanics have redefined this. Energy is the source of our existence -- and dreams and thoughts generate energy. Thus, our dreams and thoughts may well be our reality, while the stone and steel we perceive are no more than imaginings of our minds.

A long time before this, the Torah told us, "He made the world with wisdom"*  Wisdom provides the building blocks of Creation; it generates the energy of the world.

Similarly, let's have our thoughts and dreams create our surroundings. The more powerfully we hold them in our heads, the more quickly and effectively they will turn our lives around.

* Mishle 3.19

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