Dance of the Threes

It's like RGB, the red-green-blue combination, which, together with dark or light (black and white), make up every color under the sun. Different spiritual energies exist, and for our self-growth and success, we should draw on the energies we most need.

What are these red, green and blue energies?

Red parallels health/wealth. Red is adom, which is blood (dam), which we need for good health. Red is wealth, like the red of the rich earth. The word "damim" means money; the word "domeh" means worth or value.

Green is power, the ability to overcome any obstacle, conquer any opponent. It is the green of growth, of grass, trees reaching for the sun, creepers climbing walls. Green is yarok, as in "va'yairek", which means, he urged them [to war]; he armed them [for battle]; he withdrew [his sword].[1]

Blue is wisdom. Blue is k'chol, a word form of ko'ach la'med or limud, the energy of learning. Blue is the ocean, blue is the sky. We refer to the Talmud as an ocean. The Jewish people saw at Mount Sinai that "underneath His feet was an arrangement of sapphire bricks, pure as the brightness of the heavens".[2]  Sapphire stone and the heavens are blue.

If we tap into these base strengths, we can accomplish anything, and everything.

   Three Pillars

The world stands on three pillars. The Jewish people have three fathers. The Creator grants the world three great gifts. These teachings parallel each other.

The world stands on three pillars, Torah wisdom,[3]   prayer, and kindness. [4]

The Jewish people have three fathers, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yakov.

The Creator grants the world three gifts, wisdom, power, wealth. Furthermore, if a person gets [even] one of these, he captures the world's highest prize. If he merits wisdom, he receives it all; if he merits power, he receives it all; if merits wealth, he receives it all. When however, is this so? When it comes to him as heaven's gift...[5]

These teachings parallel each other: Avraham is the pillar of kindness -- giving to others leads to amassing more wealth. Yitzchak is the pillar of prayer -- this leads to self-control and the ability to perform miracles. Yakov is the pillar of Torah wisdom -- the ability to peer into the future, and create programs that lead to every type of achievement.

Any of these three is a key that opens the world's treasure houses, and grants us our hearts' desires. When used together, they are that much more powerful.

[1] See Breishis 14.14, and Rashi there.
[2] Shmos 24.10
[3] Torah wisdom does not declare a monopoly over wisdom, after all the truth is the truth, and anyone is able to discover it. What it does claim is that only it prescribes a full program by which a Jew gains for himself good living in this world, and eternity beyond it.
[4] Pirkei Avos 1.2.
[5] Midrash Tanchuma, Mattos 5.

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