We influence others in a number of ways. One is through speaking to them. Another is with our example. Each of these ways is powerful and important.

However, we can also affect their persons and lives with our spiritual strengths. As we draw heavenly energy down onto ourselves, we can draw it down also on others. Let us look then to see them enthused, enriched, achieving and feeling good, just as we wish on ourselves to be enthused, enriched, achieving and feeling good. This too is within our power.

   More Alive

We all have the Source of life within us -- otherwise, we wouldn't be living. Instead of walking, talking, thinking, we would just be lumps of meat.

However, we can always be more alive than we are right now, more awake, more able -- more in touch with ourselves, and others. How? -- We can focus more on the Source of all life, and raise ourselves to Him. We can concentrate more thoughts on the Generator of all, and draw His strength into the moment.

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