We live in an outer world and an inner world. Our outer world is everything around us, people, houses, noise -- just the way we know it. Our inner world is the dialogue that runs through our heads. For some, this dialogue takes the form of speaking to ourselves. Better still though, is to carry out this conversation with the Creator of all. We should (1) thank the heavens for all the marvelous details of our lives, and (2) ask for help to reach our dreams and goals.

Furthermore, we should try to link these two worlds. We should see how much our outer experience reflects our inner reality. We should understand how really all we do and all that happens to us drives us towards our potential.

   Thank you

While we speak with the upper worlds, we must take care to give thanks for all bad things that happen to us. It's important to realize and acknowledge that whatever occurs in our lives is really, really all for our good.

As painful as it, as much as we wish to avoid it, as much as we ask for smooth, easy living, we must accept that each bad event is for our benefit, a special gift to help us reach our potential. Let us give real thought to the details of our world, understand their message and act on it.

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