Role Playing I

Imagine you know two people, a wonderful man and an equally wonderful woman. You believe strongly that they would make a marvelous couple. However, both of them are shy, and you need to go to work hard to bring them together. Still, it's worth it. This is Step 1. Step 2 is, once you have danced with the new couple at their wedding, you must disappear and leave them to themselves.

Similarly, we wish to unite the Creator with His people. This is in itself not a simple goal. Still, this goal does deserve special attention. One element that will help us make progress here is selflessness. If we can put our own needs aside, and work towards the goal for a while, we will definitely taste some success.

    Role Playing II

Imagine you are a woman married to a talented, intelligent man. You sense however, that while he provides you with your physical needs, he is distant from you. How can you draw him closer to yourself? What mistakes are you making to cause him to withdraw?

Now, accordingly, think like this. What mistakes are we making that cause the Creator to withdraw his heavenly inspiration away from us? How can we, as individuals, and together as a people, improve ourselves?

    Role Playing III

Imagine you are a beautiful woman married to a loving man. He cares for you deeply and constantly gives you expensive gifts. Still, you're not happy. What is wrong?

The solution could well be that you are locked within yourself. Your eyes, ears and heart are blocked, and you can't appreciate the kindness of your husband -- how deeply he wishes to encourage and build you. Start then to think grateful thoughts, speak out your appreciation -- and see the beauty of your marriage.

Now, adapt this parable to reality. The Creator is your dear husband. Still, your negativity forms a barrier that stops you from enjoying His precious gifts. It stops you from realizing the many opportunities every day offers you.

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