How do we respond positively to an insult, and even more so to a perceived insult?

There are three levels:

1) Respond but do not insult back.

2) Better than this, do not respond at all.

3) Highest of all, be happy about the insult. Look at the insult as a special opportunity for you to improve your personal attributes and skills. 

To achieve these levels is of course, not easy. Still, we need to remember that such levels exist and give thought to them. For insults are an inevitable part of life. By handling them effectively, we will manage our emotions and power-drives much better when they next challenge us.

     Insulting Others

One response to an insult is this: Ask yourself in which way is it that I insult others.

We have a rule that says that the way you treat your world is the way your world treats you.  If then it's not treating you very well for the moment, try to find out what you are doing wrong. This is the first step always to finding a solution to our problems.

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