We know the ads: "Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be beautiful? Are you looking for a good job? Do you want to be wealthy? Are you feeling fatigued, weak? Tap into a great source of energy!"

Our teachings likewise point to a solution for such issues. This is bitachon, a belief that the heavens supply us with whatever we need. If we can want it, see it, believe it -- then we can enjoy it as well.

Imagine a ball of fire. Imagine it as a reflection of the Creative Force. See life emanating from its center -- beauty, prosperity, health, happiness. Focus on this fire -- sense its warmth, energy -- the pure, holy Source of all being.

Now, imagine the ball of fire burning within you -- gradually healing you of any sickness, connecting your thoughts to higher wisdom and knowledge, energizing and pushing you to every achievement.

Focus on this ball of fire, and enjoy it. Focus on this ball of fire and say thank you. Smile.

    Thoughts on High

Movies or light reading may busy our minds, but they mostly keep them in the lower worlds. Dreaming is a powerful device. However, to keep our minds in the upper worlds, dreaming is not enough, certainly not by itself. We need a continuous sustained connection -- an ongoing meditation for our self-growth.

Two powerful tools we can use to our advantage are prayer and study. Moreover, they complement each other very well. Through our prayer, we speak with the heavens. Through our learning, the heavens speak to us. If we can train ourselves to move, and keep moving, from prayer to study, and then from study back to prayer, we attach ourselves a magical connection that will carry us to new achievement.

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